Innovating Remote PTZ Camera Control: A New Workflow for Enhanced Production

At, we are dedicated to exploring the latest advancements in video production technology. Our newest workflow leverages remote PTZ camera controls to provide unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. By integrating vMix, Zoom, and PTZOptics Hive Studio, we’ve developed a system that empowers remote teams and optimizes our production capabilities. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the specifics of this innovative workflow and the benefits it offers.

Check out this new workflow for remote PTZ camera controls. Our video production system still leverages vMix on the LAN using NDI HX cameras. But this time, we are leveraging “Stream 2” on the PTZOptics cameras to provide a low bitrate video stream to Hive which is used for remote production. This is an interesting new use case which provides distributed production capabilities for remote teams. For this live broadcast we used vMix for the video switching and Zoom for remote team collaboration. Hive is used for remote PTZ camera controls.

Sharing PTZ Camera Controls

The Power of vMix and NDI HX Cameras

vMix on the LAN

Our production setup continues to rely on vMix for its robust video mixing, switching, and streaming capabilities. vMix remains a cornerstone of our workflow, providing the reliability and versatility needed for high-quality live broadcasts.

NDI HX Cameras

The use of NDI HX cameras from PTZOptics ensures that we capture high-quality video with low latency. NDI HX is crucial for maintaining the seamless integration of our video feeds into vMix, ensuring that our broadcasts are visually stunning and technically sound.

NDI HX Remote Production IP Video Workflow

Introducing Stream 2: Optimizing Remote Control

Stream 2 for Low Bitrate Video

A key innovation in our workflow is the utilization of “Stream 2” on PTZOptics cameras. Stream 2 allows us to provide a low bitrate video stream specifically for remote production purposes. This stream is transmitted to Hive Studio, reducing bandwidth requirements and enabling smoother remote operations.

Hive Studio Integration

Hive Studio plays a central role in managing remote PTZ camera controls. By leveraging the low bitrate stream from Stream 2, Hive Studio allows remote operators to control camera movements with minimal latency, ensuring precise and responsive adjustments.

vMix for Video Switching and remote Production

Workflow Implementation

Video Switching with vMix

vMix remains at the heart of our video switching operations. It handles the primary video streams from our NDI HX cameras, ensuring high-quality output and seamless transitions during live broadcasts.

Collaboration with Zoom

To facilitate effective communication and collaboration among our remote team members, we utilize Zoom. This platform allows us to stay connected in real-time, coordinating camera movements and production tasks efficiently.

Remote PTZ Control with Hive Studio

Hive Studio’s remote PTZ camera control capabilities are a game-changer. By using the low bitrate stream from Stream 2, remote operators can manage camera positions, zoom levels, and other adjustments from anywhere in the world. This distributed production capability significantly enhances our workflow’s flexibility and scalability.

Remote Production Software

Enhanced Production Flexibility

This new workflow provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing us to integrate remote team members seamlessly into our production process. The ability to control PTZ cameras remotely reduces the need for on-site personnel and equipment, streamlining our operations.

Scalable and Efficient

The workflow is easily scalable, making it suitable for various production sizes and requirements. Whether we’re handling a small event or a large-scale broadcast, the system adapts to our needs, enhancing overall efficiency.

Quality and Reliability

Despite the complexities of remote production, the workflow maintains high video quality and reliable performance. The integration of vMix, Zoom, and Hive Studio ensures that our broadcasts are professional and engaging.

At, we’re excited about the potential of this innovative workflow. By leveraging vMix, PTZOptics Hive Studio, and Zoom, we’ve created a system that enhances remote production capabilities, optimizes bandwidth usage, and improves overall efficiency. We look forward to further exploring and refining this setup, continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible in video production.

Remote Production with vMix and PTZOptics Hive Studio

Understanding Bandwidth

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