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live video and low latency

Achieving Low Latency in Live Video for Remote Production

In the world of remote production, the demand for low latency video is paramount, particularly when precision in video switching and responsive robotic PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) controls are required. PTZOptics Hive is designed to meet these needs, ensuring broadcasters can make quick, accurate decisions and manage cameras with real-time responsiveness. This page explores the critical role of low latency and efficient compression in live video environments and how PTZOptics Hive optimizes these aspects.

The Importance of Low Latency

Video Switching:

For broadcasters, the ability to switch video sources accurately and instantly is crucial during live productions. Low latency ensures that the video feeds being switched are nearly synchronous with the live action, thus preventing delays that can disrupt the viewing experience.

Robotic PTZ Controls:

Similarly, for operations involving robotic PTZ cameras, low latency is essential to ensure that camera movements are smooth and synchronized with the operator’s commands. This is particularly important for live event coverage, where camera operators may be controlling devices from remote locations.

Remote Production Video Switching
Remote Production Robotic PTZ Controls

PTZOptics Hive and Robotic PTZ Camera Controls

PTZ Camera Software Movement Tools

Advanced Movement Tools:

PTZOptics Hive incorporates several innovative tools designed to enhance control over robotic PTZ cameras, including:

Click to Center:

Allows operators to click on a specific area in the video feed to automatically center the camera on that point.

Fast Frame:

Enables quick adjustments to the camera’s framing, ideal for fast-moving live events.

Joystick Control:

Offers traditional joystick-based controls for precise manual adjustments to the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom.


Automatically tracks subjects moving within the camera’s field of view, ideal for presentations and sporting events.

Remote Production PTZ Control - Click to Center

Click to Center Tool

Remote Production PTZ Control - Fast Frame

Fast Frame

Low Latency Delivery

These control features are delivered with low latency (sub-300ms), enabling effective remote camera operations across global locations. This low latency performance is critical for maintaining the natural flow of live events and ensuring professional production quality.

Live Video Compression and Streaming

Live video typically requires significant bandwidth, particularly at higher resolutions. Given the limitations of available upload speeds, compression becomes essential to manage the data efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Users of PTZOptics Hive can adjust the quality of their uploaded bitrate based on the available upload speed at their location. The software intelligently transcodes the video as necessary, balancing quality and bandwidth to provide the best possible live streaming experience.

RTMP Streaming:

PTZOptics Hive supports streaming via RTMP to various Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), allowing broadcasts to reach a wide audience with minimal delay.

NDI Output:

For productions requiring post-production work or integration with live switching software such as vMix, Wirecast, Tricaster, or OBS, PTZOptics Hive offers NDI output. This feature supports high-quality video output with low latency, suitable for professional broadcast environments.

Low latency and effective compression are crucial for successful remote production, particularly when live video is involved. PTZOptics Hive provides the tools and capabilities necessary to manage these challenges efficiently, ensuring that remote productions are delivered with professional quality and real-time responsiveness.

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