... PTZ Camera Control
... Video Switching
... Team Collaboration
... Color Corrections
... Audio Mixing
Cloud Switching & Cloud Cam Control (1)
Local Area Network

Connect your LAN and all the cameras to the cloud.

Remote Location

Easily control your cameras remotely.

Easily connect all your cameras with support for over 400 PTZ cameras.

Hive can be used for PTZ Camera control, video switching and color correction.

vMix can capture each video source via the NDI video outputs from Hive.

Once connected, the camera will automatically connect to your studio.

Cloud-based Production Workflows

Remote camera control is essential in modern production environments


PTZOptics cameras users with 3-4 cameras in their production


PTZOptics users have a hardware joystick controller


PTZOptics users require a Tally Light to keep their productions in sync with on-camera talent

Remote camera control is essential in modern production environments, allowing for high flexibility and operational efficiency.

Hive Software

Hive allows for comprehensive control over camera settings and movement through the software interface, ideal for setups where additional production tools and controls are needed.

Hive-Linked Cameras

Hive-Linked cameras are directly connected to your Hive Studio account, enabling remote control without the need for a dedicated computer. This method simplifies the setup and is perfect for productions looking to minimize hardware requirements.

Better outcomes

Using Hive enhances efficiency and flexibility in production workflows. By allowing team members to access and manage projects from anywhere in the world, it facilitates collaboration, reducing the need for physical presence and expensive on-site equipment.

Local vMix Switching + Remote Camera Operator Workflow

Easily add remote PTZ camera operators to your vMix workflow using hive. Consider the benefits of distributed production technology and the use of the cloud.


Local Switching and Remote Camera Control

Combine the reliability of local video switching with the flexibility of remote camera control. This workflow is perfect for scenarios where there is an on-site video production system managed by a local operator, with remote teams controlling PTZ cameras.

  • Local Switching

    Handled on-site by a technician using a traditional video mixer or switcher.

    • -Remote Camera Control: PTZ cameras are controlled remotely via the internet, allowing off-site directors or camera operators to manage camera movements and settings in real-time.

  • Remote Camera Control and Remote Switching

    This comprehensive workflow integrates PTZOptics Hive for remote camera control with the flexibility of NDI® outputs, allowing for seamless integration with remote vMix systems.

    • -Remote Camera Control:

      Utilize PTZOptics Hive to manage PTZ camera movements and settings from anywhere in the world.

      Remote Switching: Leverage the NDI® output from Hive-linked cameras to feed video into a remote vMix setup, facilitating live mixing and switching from a separate location.

  • Management of Multiple Studios

    This workflows is flexible as you can set up each studio as you wish. Some studios using existing camera equipment can be set up with Hive running on a computer. Others can be set up with Hive-Linked cameras that do not require a computer.

    • Remote Production

      Each studio can be remotely managed for camera control and video switching

      Sharing Access

      Each studio can be set up with difference access to unique users with specific roles such as Producer, Camera Operator, or View-Only access.


Hive-Linked Deployment

This workflow shows one user accessing three unique studio spaces. Each space has a PTZOptics “Hive-Linked” camera. Hive-Linked cameras can connect direclty to Hive without an additional computer. This is ideal when you have multiple spaces. Alternatively if you have multiple spaces with existing equipment, these cameras can be connected to Hive using the free Hive software with any Mac or PC computer. 

Remote PTZ Control Deployment
Team Collaboration - Remote Production Workflow

Team Collaboration

This workflow highlights the ability to have remote teams working together in real-time. The remote studio features two PTZ cameras and an audio mixer, with a comptuer running Hive. There are three remote users accessing the studio to perform specific tasks. There is an audio mixer, a camera operator and a producer all working together. 


Creating a Video Production Workflow


Setup Requirements

Determine your specific production needs to choose the right technology—either PTZOptics Hive software for comprehensive control or Hive-Linked cameras for simpler setups without the need for a dedicated computer. Ensure you have a reliable internet connection as it is crucial for both methods.


Remote Camera Control

Via PTZOptics Hive Software: Ideal for productions that require detailed adjustments and additional production tools. Via Hive-Linked Cameras: Best for minimizing hardware by allowing remote control directly through your Hive Studio account, reducing the complexity of your setup.


Local Switching with Remote Control Integration

If your production involves on-site activities, integrate local video switching handled by a technician with remote camera control. This method combines the reliability of on-site switching with the flexibility of controlling PTZ cameras from remote locations.


Implement Cloud-Based Solutions

Decide if you want to use Hive's built-in video switching or another software such as OBS or vMix. Remote Switching with vMix: Utilize NDI® outputs from Hive-linked cameras to connect with a remote vMix setup, enabling live mixing and switching from different locations.


Evaluate and Enhance Your Workflow

Regularly assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your chosen workflows. Stay updated with the latest advancements in remote production technology to continuously enhance your production quality and operational efficiency.

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