Remote Production for vMix.

Remote production has become an essential component of modern live streaming, allowing broadcasters to manage and produce live events from any location. This flexibility is vital for adapting to changing environments and reaching global audiences. vMix, a powerful live video production software, is at the forefront of this shift, offering a range of features designed to enhance remote production capabilities.

  • Local vMix Switching
  • Remote vMix Switching
  • Remote Production
  • SRT Video

Case Study: vMix + Remote Production

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to use remote production software with vMix. This workflow leverages an existing vMix and NDI workflow, with remote PTZ camera operators from around the world. 

Connecting Remote Sources to vMix

The diagram below shows a local area network setup with PTZOptics Hive. Hive is capable of connecting video sources over the internet and bridging them to other production systems such as vMix with an NDI output on the far end. vMix is also capable of being set up in the cloud completely. vMix provides this overview for setting up vMix in the cloud entirely. Once vMix is setup in the cloud, SRT video sources are a great way to send video to the cloud instance. 

Cloud Switching & Cloud Cam Control (1)

vMix is a versatile live video production software that allows users to produce, record, and stream live events with ease. It supports a wide range of inputs, including cameras, videos, images, and audio, making it an ideal solution for remote production. Key features of vMix include real-time mixing and switching, multi-camera support, built-in graphics, and social media integration. By using vMix, broadcasters can create professional-quality live streams that engage and captivate their audience.

Essential hardware includes cameras (such as PTZOptics Move SE), capture cards, a robust computer with a powerful CPU and GPU, and reliable internet connectivity. Additional equipment like audio interfaces and lighting can enhance the production quality.

You can connect cameras to vMix using NDI, RTMP, or SRT. NDI allows for high-quality, low-latency video over a network, while RTMP and SRT are ideal for long-distance and secure video transmission, respectively. You can use PTZOptics Hive to output video on the far end via NDI into vMix.

Yes, vMix supports multi-camera setups, allowing you to integrate and switch between multiple remote camera feeds. This capability enhances the production value by providing various angles and perspectives during live broadcasts.

vMix offers features like vMix Call for bringing in remote guests via video call, social media integration for live audience engagement, and real-time graphics and overlays to enhance the broadcast. These features make the production more interactive and engaging.

You can find tutorials, guides, and community support on the vMix website and forums. These resources provide valuable information and troubleshooting tips for getting the most out of vMix in your remote production setup.

Setting up vMix in the Cloud

Benefits of Virtualizing vMix in the Cloud:

  1. Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud instances can be scaled up or down based on remote production requirements, providing flexibility in resource management.
  2. Accessibility: Producers and directors can access the production setup from anywhere, reducing the need for physical infrastructure.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Reduces the overhead costs associated with physical hardware and minimizes the maintenance expenses.
  4. Reliability: Cloud platforms often offer high uptime and reliability compared to physical servers, which is critical for live production environments.

Setup Requirements

Setup Requirements:

  1. Server Instance: Utilize a Windows Server 2019 x64, allocating at least 4 CPU cores to handle the demands of live production.
  2. Graphics and Display: It’s crucial to have directly attached graphics with virtual display support, often available via technologies like NVIDIA Grid or NVIDIA Workstation Graphics. For Amazon EC2, instances labeled “G4” or higher are suitable.
  3. Drivers: Only NVIDIA Grid drivers are compatible, and they must be installed as per Amazon EC2’s guidance. Regular NVIDIA drivers are insufficient for this setup.
  4. Remote Access: Avoid using Remote Desktop (RDP) for managing vMix. Options like VNC, Splashtop, TeamViewer and AnyDesk, or cloud-based desktop solutions like Teradici (which might involve additional costs) are recommended for optimal performance.
  5. Display Configuration: Ensure the graphics card-connected display is set as the primary within Windows settings. All other monitors, especially those connected to a “Microsoft Basic Adapter,” should be disabled to prevent conflicts.

Yes, vMix can run on any Windows instance that has a directly attached graphics card with display support. This includes cloud services such as Amazon EC2.

The minimum requirements include: A server instance running Windows Server 2019 x64 with at least 4 CPU cores allocated. Directly attached graphics with virtual display support, such as "NVIDIA Grid" or "NVIDIA Workstation Graphics". Installation of NVIDIA Grid drivers. Avoid using Remote Desktop (RDP); instead, use VNC, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, or a cloud service-provided desktop login solution like Teradici. Ensure the graphics card display is set as the primary display in Windows.

vMix requires directly attached graphics with virtual display support, typically advertised as "NVIDIA Grid" or "NVIDIA Workstation Graphics". For Amazon EC2, "G4" or higher instances support this technology.

You need to install the specialized NVIDIA Grid drivers. Amazon EC2 provides instructions on how to download and install these drivers. Normal NVIDIA drivers will not work.

RDP should be avoided because it does not handle the direct display output required by vMix. Instead, use solutions like VNC, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, or the cloud service's desktop login solution such as Teradici for better performance.

To check if the graphics card is configured correctly, run vMix and add an MP4 video file as an input. If the MP4 file displays correctly, the graphics card is configured correctly. If it displays as blank or not at all, vMix cannot access the graphics card.

Ensure the display connected to the graphics card is set as the primary display in Windows. Disable any monitors connected to "Microsoft Basic Adapter" or similar. This can be configured in the Display settings by setting monitor 2 as the primary display and extending the display to show only on monitor 2.
Remote Production Workflow Diagram
Remote PTZ Camera Control
PTZOptics Cameras

Harness the Power of Robotic Cameras.

- Hive-Linked Integration: Connect your PTZOptics cameras to your Hive Studio account just once, and they remain linked for remote operation anywhere in the world. - PoE and Network Connectivity: Power over Ethernet (PoE) and network connectivity ensure easy installation and reliable operation in any remote production setup. - Universal Remote PTZ Control: Share PTZ controls with any team member globally, enhancing collaboration and production flexibility.

  • Move SE

    The PTZOptics Move SE is the definitive choice for productions requiring high-definition video. Delivering crystal-clear 1080p resolution, this camera combines quality with the convenience of remote operation.

  • Move 4K

    For productions where detail and precision are paramount, the PTZOptics Move 4K offers unparalleled 4K resolution. This camera is perfect for scenarios where ultra-high-definition video is a must, from professional broadcasts to high-profile live events.

  • Auto-Tracking

    Equipped with sophisticated auto-tracking technology, the Move SE and Move 4K keeps your subjects in sharp focus during any live action.

  • SDI, HDMI, USB and NDI

    Features multiple output options including SDI, HDMI, USB, NDI®, and IP to suit a wide range of production environments.

  • Hive-Linked

    The easiest way to deploy PTZ cameras in any scenario is to link them directly to Hive. Once connected your cameras will always be remotely controllable in the cloud

Remote Production PTZ Camera

Built for Video Production

The Move 4K camera from PTZOptics is equipped with a variety of outputs including SDI, HDMI, USB, and IP, and comes with native NDI®|HX support, ensuring exceptional performance and adaptability. This camera features integrated auto-tracking technology, eliminating the need for additional software or a dedicated camera operator, thereby streamlining your production process. With options for 12x, 20x, and 30x optical zoom, the Move 4K adapts effortlessly to any production setting.

A new standard for Remote Production Cameras

The PTZOptics Move 4K is a state-of-the-art PTZ camera that incorporates advanced auto-tracking, enhancing the intelligence and efficiency of video production workflows. Capable of delivering 4K resolution at 60fps, and 1080p at 60fps via SDI, the Move 4K ensures your setup is future-ready while maintaining compatibility with HD and Full HD equipment. This camera excels in low-light conditions and features PoE+ support and an integrated tally light for high-performance across various production environments.

Remote Production Camera

Presenter Lock

Easily manage your production remotely or on your local area network. The Move 4K camera boasts the innovative Presenter Lock™ technology, enabling it to focus on a specific individual up to 300 feet away, regardless of other movements within the frame. This advanced auto-tracking capability also allows for effortless transitions between presenters at the click of a button.

Furthermore, the Move 4K comes equipped with PTZOptics’ latest Web UI, which has been revamped to offer a more intuitive interface. Each feature within the Web UI includes a tutorial, making it ideal for beginner producers who are learning to navigate the settings efficiently.


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