The benefits of software

Easily upgrade your video workflow with cloud-based production software


It's easy

With cloud-based software there is nothing to download and limited hardware to manage on-site.


It's Efficient

Moving your production to the cloud reduces travel costs and it's easier for your team to manage.


It's exciting

New video delivery options are being created with unique role-based access and sharing options.

Remote Production Software Screen Shot
Current Studio

Hive can manage multiple studios. 

Multi-view control

You can view multiple cameras at once.

Camera Movement Controls

Multiple PTZ camera movement tools are available.

Share Button

Easily share access with others. 

Image and Camera Adjustments

Adjust image settings directly in the camera. 

PTZ Camera Presets

Easily move between PTZ presets. 

Preview and Output

Quickly view your production and switch between cameras. 

An Intuitive Interface

The PTZOptics Hive interface is flexible and you can control the layout with a simple keyboard and mouse. Each team member you invite will get the same web-interface experience no matter how they join. Users can access the studio with a simple link, or they can download the Mac or PC app.

Presonus Metro for Remote Audio Production

Transform Your Sound: Discover the Power of Presonus Metro

Elevate your audio production game with Presonus Metro, the ultimate remote audio production software. Seamlessly control and adjust your audio levels, EQ settings, and more from anywhere, ensuring pristine sound quality for your live streams and recordings. Perfect for remote producers seeking professional-grade results, Presonus Metro brings flexibility and precision to your audio production workflow. Experience the future of remote audio production today!

This video reviews the set up behind a live stream for a 4-person band! Discover how we used 8 XLR audio inputs with a Presonus Studio Live III Audio Mixer and Presonus Metro for remote audio control. See how vMix and PTZOptics cameras, powered by PoE and connected via NDI, ensure smooth video transmission. Learn how PTZOptics Hive allows for remote camera control and color correction.

All-in-one video switcher and camera control software

Cloud-Based Video Switching

Video switching is essential, particularly during live productions in the cloud. Utilizing cloud-based software for video switching significantly reduces latency, ensuring that video feeds align closely with real-time events. This synchronization is crucial for camera operators, producers and special view-only roles which can access the studio in lower latency then a Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as YouTube or Facebook.

Robotic PTZ Controls via Cloud

For operations that utilize robotic PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras, Hive supports over 400 PTZ cameras (see list here). The low latency achieved through cloud platforms is vital for ensuring that camera movements are responsive and in sync with the operator’s commands (lower than 300ms). This aspect is especially critical during live event coverage, where operators can be managing cameras from multiple angles. 

Remote Production Video Switching
Remote Production Robotic PTZ Controls

PTZOptics Hive and Robotic PTZ Camera Controls

Advanced Movement Tools:

PTZOptics Hive incorporates several innovative tools designed to enhance control over robotic PTZ cameras, including:

Click to Center:

Allows operators to click on a specific area in the video feed to automatically center the camera on that point.

Fast Frame:

Enables quick adjustments to the camera’s framing, ideal for fast-moving live events.

Joystick Control:

Offers traditional joystick-based controls for precise manual adjustments to the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom.


Automatically tracks subjects moving within the camera’s field of view, ideal for presentations and sporting events.

Remote Production PTZ Control - Click to Center

Click to Center Tool

Remote Production PTZ Control - Fast Frame

Fast Frame

RTMP Streaming:

PTZOptics Hive supports live streaming via RTMP to various Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), allowing broadcasts to reach a wide audience with minimal delay.

NDI Output:

For productions requiring post-production work or integration with live switching software such as vMix, Wirecast, Tricaster, or OBS, PTZOptics Hive offers NDI output. This feature supports high-quality video output with low latency, suitable for professional broadcast environments.

Remote Production Video Output
Your Remote Production Studio

Common Questions

Hive supports most USB, NDI, and ONVIF camera inputs, making it adaptable to your existing equipment. You can connect HDMI and SDI sources using a capture card with the computer running Hive. See our complete camera compatibility list in the menu.

Leverage the cloud for remote production, will enable your team to operate from anywhere globally. Each Hive Studio has a unique subscription plan which may limit the amount of users who can connect to your Studio. The Free subscription allow you to invite 5 people to your Studio. The Standard subscription has a 10 user limit and the Professional studio can have unlimited users.

Hive helps to simplify your streaming setup with an intuitive interface that requires minimal technical knowledge. Users will find the same interface on a web-interface as they fill find on the Mac or PC apps.

Hive allows you to enjoy professional-grade live streaming at a low monthly cost without the need for extensive hardware.

Easily share access with your team, enhancing collaboration and efficiency in remote production environments. You can start sharing by clicking the "Share" button.

Connect Your Team Across the World

Easily connect your team around the world by securely sharing access via email or via a simple link. Choose between unique video production roles to securely share the access you to run your production from anywhere.

Cloud Based Production Sharing Access

Choose user permission type: Admin, Producer, Viewer.

Send invite via email or by sharing a link.

List of existing users

Admin's can quickly adjust user access.

Admin's can set access that expires for certain users. 



Hive Studio

Designed with remote production in mind, PTZOptics Hive represents the culmination of our expertise and passion for exceptional broadcasting solutions.

  • Centralized Control
  • Manage Multiple Studios
  • Team Collaboration

Hive-Linked PTZ Cameras

Hive is embedded in PTZOptics cameras, enabling instant cloud control with no hardware, plugins, or extra software needed.

  • Linked directly to your Hive Studio
  • No need for additional hardware
  • Remotely control from anywhere

Easy & Efficient

Start broadcasting with professional-level control and quality, managing everything remotely through the Hive interface.

  • Live stream anywhere
  • Record video in the cloud
  • Output NDI video on the far end
Getting Started

Straight-forward setup.

Setting up your studio with Hive is straightforward. Once installed, you can immediately start streaming with just a few clicks. Whether for webinars, live events, or regular broadcasts, Hive puts comprehensive control at your fingertips.

  • Customize for your Production

    Connect your cameras, and control them wherever you need to

  • Award-winning Support

    The award-winning PTZOptics Team is here to support your next project.

  • Manage Multiple Studios

    Connect as many studios as you need and manage all your locations in one dashboard.

  • Restreaming

    Stream to multple destinations with support for transcoding into the formats you need

Linking a Camera to Hive for Remote Production
Remote Production Cloud Workflow Diagram

Hive is embedded in PTZOptics cameras, enabling instant cloud control with no hardware, plugins, or extra software needed. No extra hardware is required. Hive is built into the Move SE, Move 4K and Link 4K PTZOptics cameras, enabling instant connection to Hive without any additional hardware required. Just plug in your camera and you’re ready to go.

Linking a PTZOptics camera to the Hive is easy. You can log-in to the web-interface and select the tab for "Hive". Here you can Link your Device by logging into your Hive account and choosing the studio you would like the camera to be connected to.

Yes, you can connect other PTZ cameras to Hive. Hive supports over 400 PTZ cameras with unique drivers. These unique drivers allow for detailed control over PTZ, image settings and more. Hive also supports generic drivers with less capabilities but will support standards such as SONY Visca. You can connect non-PTZOptics cameras to Hive but you wlll need to use the free Hive software as shown in the diagram.

Depending on your plan Hive will support auto-tracking in the cloud. Hive auto-tracking features "Click to Track" technology which makes it very easy to choose your auto-tracking subject. PTZOptics cameras feature built-in auto-tracking which does not require the cloud and will reduce your overall cloud usage.

PTZOptics Hive supports most USB connected cameras which include HDMI and SDI cameras connected with a capture card, NDI, and ONVIF camera inputs, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of existing equipment. PTZOptics Move SE and Move 4K cameras are Hive-Linked capable and can be connected directly to the cloud.

Yes, PTZOptics Hive operates via the cloud, allowing remote production and management of live streams from anywhere in the world. You can use the Share button to share role-specific access with others via an email.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) and network connectivity ensure easy installation and reliable operation in any remote production setup. It's easy to get your cameras powered and connected to the network using a PoE-capable network switch.

Hive features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the streaming setup and requires minimal technical knowledge, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. Because Hive is a browser-based remote production software, anyone can access your Hive Studio with an internet connection.

Linking a PTZOptics camera to the Hive is easy. You can log-in to the web-interface and select the tab for "Hive". Here you can

PTZOptics offers a "Remote Production" book by Paul Richards and an accompanying online course covering both fundamental and advanced remote production techniques.

The Producer-SE bundle offers 1080p video quality with auto-tracking and versatile outputs, ideal for budget-conscious productions. The Producer-4K bundle provides ultra-high-definition 4K video, advanced auto-tracking features, and NDI®|HX integration, suited for high-end broadcasts and events.

Both cameras offer high-quality video and are equipped with advanced auto-tracking and multiple output options. The Move SE is ideal for 1080p productions, while the Move 4K is perfect for scenarios that require 4K resolution.
Remote Production Workflow Diagram
Remote PTZ Camera Control


Learn about our remotely controllable robotic cameras designed for video production.


Explore your options with our example remote production workflow diagrams and system schematics.

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