Remote production services refers to the process of producing live streams or video productions from a location different from where the event is happening. It involves managing and mixing video and audio feeds remotely, typically through cloud-based software.

PTZOptics Hive is a remote production services software that allows users to manage live video feeds and PTZ camera operations from any location with an internet connection. It supports functionalities like camera control, audio mixing, and real-time color correction, all accessible remotely.

PTZOptics Hive is free to use for users with one camera. You can download and start using Hive immediately by visiting PTZOptics.com/Hive. This offer allows you to explore the basic functionalities without any initial investment.

While Hive is free for one camera, adding additional cameras involves a fee. Detailed pricing information is available on PTZOptics.com/Hive, which outlines the costs based on the number of cameras and additional features you may need.

Yes, PTZOptics Hive is designed to integrate seamlessly with both new and existing video production setups, supporting a range of video inputs and protocols, including HDMI, SDI, NDI®, and IP streams. You can also use Hive with encoder backpacks such as LiveU to bring RTMP or SRT video sources direclty into Hive.

Camera-to-cloud technology refers to the capability of cameras to transmit video directly to the cloud without local recording. This technology enables remote teams to access and manage live video feeds instantly from anywhere in the world.

Cloud-based encoding involves processing video feeds in the cloud, where raw feeds are encoded and distributed without the need for localized hardware, facilitating remote production services setups.

Hardware encoders are dedicated devices designed for encoding only, often providing more reliable and robust performance. Software encoders run on general-purpose computers, offering more flexibility and easier integration with other digital tools.

Tools like Unity Intercom Pro provide high-quality audio communication platforms that support seamless communication between team members in different locations. Hive is building reference audio and intercom systems in the software but those features are on a road-map and not yet published.

Remote audio mixing can be conducted using interfaces like Dante for IP audio and software solutions that allow mixers to adjust audio feeds from remote locations. Hive can bring audio inputs in via RTSP, USB, or NDI video sources and these sources can be mixed into a final production. We also highly recommend the Presonus Studio Live III series of audio mixers with their remote production services software called Metro.

PTZOptics Producer Kits are comprehensive video production packages that include PTZ cameras and a joystick controller, designed to simplify setup and streamline your production process. Kits are available in 1080p and 4K resolutions.

Remote PTZ camera controls allow operators to adjust the pan, tilt, and zoom functions of a camera from a remote location, using software interfaces or physical controllers connected over the network. The Studio Admin must first share access to the studio with the remote PTZ camera operator using the Share button, before other users are able to access the studio.

Yes, PTZOptics Hive supports third-party integrations, enhancing its flexibility and allowing it to fit into a wide range of production workflows. Hive support NDI inputs and outputs which allow for connect to NDI cameras but also NDI software such as vMix, Wirecast, OBS, Tricaster and Viz Vectar.

PTZOptics Hive is a primary software used for remote production, enabling users to manage live feeds, control PTZ cameras, mix audio, and adjust colors remotely.