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Virtual ProductionStudios

As remote production technologies advance, the infrastructure for broadcast facilities is undergoing a significant transformation. Where high-end physical hardware once dominated, cloud-based solutions are now prevailing, enabling more flexible and scalable production environments. Learn how organizations are building remote production spaces that leverage the cloud, reducing the need for costly physical infrastructure while enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Cloud-Based Operation
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Team Collaboration
  • Cloud-based switching
  • Color Correction Tools
  • Remote Camera Control
Your Remote Production Studio

Manage Multiple Studios in One Dashboard

Historically, remote production facilities relied on high-end technologies such as Grass Valley video switchers, Haivision SRT decoders, and LiveU servers. These setups required substantial capital investment in physical hardware and infrastructure to manage live broadcasts and complex video productions.

The movement toward cloud-based production has dramatically changed the landscape. By connecting video sources to the cloud and managing them remotely, organizations can significantly reduce the physical footprint and overhead of traditional broadcast facilities.

Virtual control rooms represent a pivotal shift in how production facilities operate. By utilizing cloud computing, these virtual environments reduce the necessity for extensive on-site hardware. Broadcasters can now manage productions using standard internet-connected computers, with the bulk of processing and control handled remotely in the cloud.

- Scalability: Easily scale up operations without the need for additional physical space or hardware. - Flexibility: Quickly adapt to changing production needs and manage multiple projects simultaneously without geographical constraints. - Cost-Effectiveness: Decrease capital expenditures on hardware and reduce ongoing maintenance and operational costs.

Hive is an award-winning platform trusted by industry professionals.


Hive Studio

Designed with remote production in mind, PTZOptics Hive represents the culmination of our expertise and passion for exceptional broadcasting solutions.

  • Centralized Control
  • Manage Multiple Studios
  • Team Collaboration

Hive-Linked PTZ Cameras

Hive is embedded in PTZOptics cameras, enabling instant cloud control with no hardware, plugins, or extra software needed.

  • Linked directly to your Hive Studio
  • No need for additional hardware
  • Remotely control from anywhere

Easy & Efficient

Start broadcasting with professional-level control and quality, managing everything remotely through the Hive interface.

  • Live stream anywhere
  • Record video in the cloud
  • Output NDI video on the far end
Getting Started

Manage Multiple Facilities.

PTZOptics Hive is designed to complement the shift towards virtualized production environments. This powerful platform allows for seamless management of multiple studios and remote video sources from a single, centralized interface. PTZOptics Hive integrates smoothly with existing cloud technologies, providing a bridge between traditional video production tools and modern cloud-based workflows. This integration ensures that organizations can transition to cloud-based production without discarding their existing investments in video technology.

  • Cloud-Based Source Management

    Move and manage video sources in the cloud, offering unprecedented flexibility in how productions are orchestrated.

  • Remote Collaboration

    Enable teams distributed across various locations to collaborate in real-time, ensuring high responsiveness and operational synergy.

  • Award-winning Support

    The award-winning PTZOptics Team is here to support your next project.

  • Manage Multiple Studios

    Connect as many studios as you need and manage all your locations in one dashboard.

  • Restreaming

    Stream to multple destinations with support for transcoding into the formats you need


Learn about our remotely controllable robotic cameras designed for video production.


Learn about the software that brings everyone together in a single cloud studio.

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Check out our three camera PTZOptics Producer kits. They are perfect for remote productions.

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