The team at Broadcast Beat have recently upgraded their studios. This time they have put robotically controllable PTZ cameras inside of teleprompters to provide both their studio producers and the on-stage talent an amazing broadcasting experience. The studio producers are able to provide their talent with a script they can view while also looking directly into the camera. Because the Quescript teleprompters allow space for the PTZOptics cameras, the producers can remotely control each PTZ camera.

As you can see, each teleprompter system is ceiling-mounted and suspended using steel piping. The system design allows the broadcast team to display notes for on-screen talent and control the PTZ camera inside of each teleprompter. With this system, there is no need for on-set camera operators. Therefore, each PTZOptics camera can be controlled remotely from the production desk. Some cameras are set up to automatically move to specific PTZ camera presets allocated in the room, and other cameras are used for manual control with a PTZ joystick controller. This set also serves a dual purpose allowing the teleprompters and cameras to swing around for a full stand up infinity set.  

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    Egens Lab
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    7 Lake Street, London
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    IT & Consulting
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    Android, Realm, Dagger 2, Java

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