PTZOptics cameras are helping to transform radio studios by providing advanced pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, allowing for dynamic visual content to complement traditional audio broadcasts. With PTZOptics’ high-quality imaging and versatile movement, radio stations are enhancing their live streams and social media presence, bridging the gap between audio and visual media for a more engaging listener experience.

Radio is an amazing medium. “Truly we reach so many people,” says Shawn Tempesta, the host of Mix 94.1’s afternoon show. Tempesta explains, in his studio tour video available on YouTube that “the one problem is… in a digital world, there is no such thing as viral audio.” Motivated to grow his show’s presence online, Tempesta designed a live streaming studio using (4) four PTZOptics NDI® cameras. (3) Three PTZOptics 12X-ZCam cameras are used to produce high quality close up shots of each host and (1) one PTZOptics 12X-NDI PTZ camera is used to capture additional shots of the entire studio.

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    Mix 94.1
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    Las Vegas
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