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Breaking New Ground with vMix and PTZOptics Hive Studio

In the fast-paced world of live video production, innovation is key. At, we are constantly exploring new tools and workflows to enhance our broadcasts. Recently, we took a deep dive into remote production using vMix and PTZOptics Hive Studio. This blog post shares our experiences, challenges, and the impressive results we achieved, providing a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to optimize their remote production setup.

Remote Production Software with Hive and vMix

Project Overview

We embarked on a live broadcast project with the goal of integrating remote PTZ camera operators into our existing vMix setup. This project was an exciting opportunity to test the limits of remote production and explore the capabilities of cutting-edge technology.

Initial Setup

Our initial setup was robust, featuring:

  • vMix Software: The core of our live production, enabling versatile video mixing, switching, and streaming.
  • PTZOptics Cameras: Known for their superior image quality and remote control capabilities.
  • Network Infrastructure: A reliable local network setup to ensure low-latency, high-quality video transmission.

With this solid foundation, we were ready to incorporate PTZOptics Hive Studio and see how it could enhance our remote production workflow.

PTZOptics Hive - Remote Production with vMix

Exploring PTZOptics Hive Studio

Introduction to Hive Studio

PTZOptics Hive Studio is a powerful platform designed for remote production, offering seamless integration with existing setups and providing extensive remote control capabilities.

Key Features

Hive Studio boasts several features that make it ideal for remote production:

  • Remote Control: Operators can manage PTZ cameras from any location, adjusting pan, tilt, and zoom with precision.
  • Low Latency: Ensures minimal delay, crucial for synchronized live broadcasts.
  • Scalability: Easily scalable to accommodate varying numbers of cameras and operators.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A browser-based interface that simplifies remote access and control.

The Remote Production Workflow

PTZOptics Hive - Remote Production with vMix

Integrating with vMix

We began by integrating Hive Studio with our vMix setup:

  • NDI HX Integration: Utilized NDI HX for high-quality, low-latency video streams, ensuring smooth integration with vMix.
  • Hive Studio Configuration: Configured Hive Studio to recognize our PTZOptics cameras, establishing seamless remote control connections.

Bringing in Remote PTZ Camera Operators

Remote PTZ camera operators played a crucial role in our workflow:

  • Web-Based Access: Operators accessed Hive Studio through a web browser, allowing for real-time control from their locations.
  • Synchronized Control: Despite being remote, operators could adjust camera settings in real-time, ensuring optimal coverage during the broadcast.
  • Effective Communication: We established communication channels using tools like Slack to coordinate between remote operators and the production team, ensuring smooth operations.
NDI HX Remote Production IP Video Workflow

ptimizing IP Video Workflow

To optimize our workflow, we balanced NDI HX and lower bitrate video streams:

  • High-Quality Primary Streams: NDI HX provided high-quality video streams to vMix, maintaining excellent visual fidelity.
  • Optimized Remote Streams: Lower bitrate video streams via Hive Studio reduced bandwidth requirements, ensuring smooth remote control.

Benefits of the New Workflow

Efficiency and Flexibility

Our new workflow significantly improved efficiency and flexibility:

  • Streamlined Operations: Remote control reduced on-site setup time and allowed the team to focus on core tasks.
  • Scalability: The setup was easily scalable for future projects, accommodating more cameras and operators.

Quality Output

Despite initial challenges, the quality of our live broadcast was impressive:

  • Consistent High-Quality Video: NDI HX ensured high-quality video streams, and remote control was smooth and responsive.
  • Professional-Grade Production: The new workflow added a layer of professionalism to our broadcasts.

Looking Ahead

This experience has opened up new possibilities:

  • Future Remote Productions: Confidently planning remote productions with distributed teams.
  • Hybrid Workflows: Combining on-site and remote operations for enhanced flexibility and quality.

Embracing Technology

Staying updated with evolving technology is crucial for ongoing innovation and success in video production.


Our journey into remote production with vMix and PTZOptics Hive Studio was a valuable learning experience. The challenges we faced were outweighed by the benefits, and we are excited about the future possibilities this setup offers.

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