In the evolving landscape of remote production, having the right software tools is essential for achieving professional-quality broadcasts. This blog post focuses on two top remote production software solutions: Presonus Metro and PTZOptics Hive. We’ll delve into their features, real-world applications, and how they complement each other to provide seamless remote control over audio and video elements. For a deeper dive into remote production techniques, check out resources on, StreamGeeks, PTZOptics, and vMix.

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Presonus Remote Audio Mixing

Presonus Metro: Leading Remote Audio Production Software

Presonus Metro is a game-changer in the realm of remote audio production. This software allows producers to manage audio levels, EQ settings, and other parameters from a distance, offering unparalleled flexibility and control. Here’s how Presonus Metro was utilized in a live band performance setup:

  • Audio Integration: We used the Presonus Studio Live III Audio Mixer to handle 8 XLR audio inputs. Presonus Metro provided remote control, enabling precise adjustments and ensuring pristine sound quality throughout the live stream.
  • Remote Capabilities: Producers can fine-tune audio settings from anywhere, making it easier to maintain optimal audio levels and quality, regardless of physical location.

For more details on how to use Presonus Metro for your remote audio production needs, visit the Presonus website.

Live streaming a band remotely

PTZOptics Hive: Advanced Remote Video Production Software

On the video production front, PTZOptics Hive stands out as a powerful tool for remote PTZ camera control and color correction. Here’s how Hive enhances video production:

  • Video Management: We used vMix alongside PTZOptics cameras, all connected via NDI for smooth IP video transmission. Each camera was powered by PoE, reducing cable clutter and simplifying the setup.
  • Remote Control: PTZOptics Hive enabled us to fine-tune camera positions and settings remotely, maintaining consistent visual quality and ensuring each shot was perfectly framed.

For comprehensive insights on leveraging PTZOptics Hive in your video production, explore the PTZOptics website.

Complementary Solutions for Seamless Production

Combining Presonus Metro and PTZOptics Hive creates a robust remote production environment where audio and video elements work in harmony. Here’s an overview of the integrated setup used in our live band performance:

  • Audio: Eight XLR inputs fed into the Presonus Studio Live III Audio Mixer, with remote adjustments made via Presonus Metro.
  • Video: Four PTZOptics cameras connected via NDI, managed through vMix, with remote control and color correction handled by PTZOptics Hive.

This integrated approach allowed us to produce a high-quality live stream with professional audio and video, all managed remotely. For more information on integrating these tools, check out resources from StreamGeeks and vMix.

Remote Production Software - Hive and Metro

Presonus Metro and PTZOptics Hive are revolutionizing remote production by providing software-based controls for what used to be local hardware operations. Their remote connectivity capabilities empower producers to achieve professional-quality broadcasts with ease. Whether you’re streaming a live band performance or managing a complex multi-camera setup, these tools offer the precision and reliability needed for top-tier remote productions.

Explore the power of Presonus Metro and PTZOptics Hive in your next project and experience the future of remote production software. For more insights and detailed tutorials, visit, StreamGeeks, PTZOptics, and vMix.

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