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Award Winning Remote Production Software

Las Vegas, NV – April 17th, 2024 – PTZOptics, a leader in PTZ camera solutions, proudly announces that its groundbreaking remote production system, PTZOptics Hive, has been honored with the prestigious “NAB Show Product of the Year Award” in the Remote Production category. This recognition was celebrated during a special ceremony at the Las Vegas Convention Center, marking a significant moment at the 2024 NAB Show—an event renowned for spotlighting the most innovative and influential products in the broadcast and media industry.

The PTZOptics Hive system is revolutionizing remote camera operations globally. As a cloud-based platform, it allows broadcasters and video professionals to manage and control PTZ cameras from any location worldwide, offering unprecedented operational flexibility and efficiency. This innovative approach not only enhances production capabilities but also significantly cuts down on logistical complexities, allowing content creators to deliver high-quality broadcasts without geographical constraints.

This award underscores PTZOptics’ commitment to innovation and excellence in the evolving landscape of media production. The Hive system is set to transform how productions are managed, making remote operations smoother and more accessible than ever before. With PTZOptics Hive, broadcasters can expect to push the boundaries of what’s possible in live and recorded media, ensuring that content creation is not only top-notch but also more adaptable to the fast-paced changes in viewer demand and broadcast technology.

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